"Working with Deb has literally changed my life. She gently nudged me out of my box (or comfort zone) where she was patiently waiting to guide and encourage me. Deb gave me the tools to help ignite my dreams and the roadmaps on how to obtain my goals. I can honestly say her wisdom, her warmth and her words will forever be an intricate part of my life." - Bonnie S.

"I can’t speak too highly of Deb.  Over the past several years, she has been my coach.  Her calm, compassionate approach and guidance helped me through nearly a year of breast cancer treatments.  I was in the process of getting a professional certificate when I was diagnosed.  Deb was there to help me look beyond the circumstances to my life goals.  Her insightful coaching helped me focus and continue with my professional certification which I proudly achieved." - Linda S.

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Deb on a variety of projects over the past three years. She approaches her work with creativity, ingenuity, and endless enthusiasm. Deb’s desire to help her colleagues and clients reach their goals is her driving force. I greatly admire her discipline and determination. In addition to her coaching guidance, she has created valuable tools and provides numerous resources in her books, workshops, and presentations. Deb has encouraged and inspired me through thick and thin, and I’m forever grateful for her friendship and support.” – Caren L.

"I've known Deb for almost three years now and have been blessed by her laser focused, ultra-compassionate and deeply insightful coaching. She's so brilliant and can get to the heart of my issues so quickly, it blows my mind! Often, she'll ask a such a deep yet simple question, it makes me truly stop and think in ways I don't often do for myself. Deb is the mirror I need so often! I'm blessed to know her, benefit from her knowledge and calmness regularly!" - Christi N.

"I was facing a discouraging turning point in my life—thinking, where, and how, do I go from here? With Deb Gaut as my guide, I learned to recognize and value my strengths as well as my dreams. She became my co-pilot and together we charted an exciting new course that expanded my worldview horizons. As a result, I am more motivated, less stressed and happier than ever before." - Cynthia C.

"Working with Deb over the last year has literally changed my life. I found myself in a position of needing to find a new career, all while working remotely during COVID and in the midst of a divorce. I was frustrated and afraid. Deb was an incredible coach and facilitator. She helped me examine the challenges to reaching my goals and create a roadmap to reach those goals. She helped break down the process so I could actually make real strides toward my True North and my big dreams! I was able to pivot into a new amazing career and build the life I have been wanting!" - Jessica H.

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