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Dina Readinger helps Executive Women find their confidence with a new, thought-provoking,  signature leadership development program. I help women find, frame and formulate good decisions, take accountable strategic action steps, solving business-critical issues, and getting the results they want and deserve. I want to shift the focus from individuals to organizations,  assisting senior leaders with an out-of-the-box leadership development program that answers real-world issues that cause individuals to become "stuck" or paralyzed for the next best steps.    This program creates a meaningful impact for organizations by developing confident individuals with a system for best decisions and optimizing teams. Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems ignites the careers of those who desire new opportunities by developing a new critical thinking process and fearlessness for asking for what they need and want.

Alyssa Huffman Interview

Creating Strong Confident Women Leaders

Hear From Alyssa Huffman Why She Chose Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems

  • What is your biggest challenge as a leader, and why is it so challenging? 
  • How did you overcome your internal dialogue? 
  • How difficult is it when you are not being heard, which could be valuable, and others could be learning from your input?
  • Can you speak to that a little bit about how do you gain trust from people? How do you make that shift? 
  • Tell me about your experience going through the Diversity Diagnostic Leadership System thinking process and maybe share what brought you to join this group? 
  • How did it specifically change you? What was that spark or was there a spark that you walked away with when we were done? 
  • What would you say to somebody who's considering working with the diagnostic leadership system in place? 

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