Private  Coaching

So, you may be asking yourself, "How does this whole coaching thing work?" The process begins with our scheduling an informal 15-20-minute chat. During our conversation, we’ll talk about whatever is on your mind. Simple. Easy. Just see if we make a connection.

If you’re interested in learning more, we can coordinate our schedules for a complimentary coaching session by phone or Zoom. During this 60-minute session, we’ll talk more deeply than you ever have before about your dreams and vision for the future. You’ll experience what it’s like to have your own professional coach. No strings attached. No attempts to sell you on coaching.

If you want more of what you experience during this powerful coaching conversation, we'll talk about what it would look like to work together – week after week – to

  • craft a higher, nobler vision for yourself and your work
  • create a compelling strategic plan with desired outcomes, clear goals, major milestones, and an action plan that excites and engages you
  • create the mindset, energy, and skills to fuel your journey.
  • become even more daring, bold, fearless, and confident
  • connect deeply with yourself, others, and the world by living your life more present in the moment

We’ll also address the level of commitment, dedication, and resources you will be investing in a custom-tailored program that's right for you.

Then, if the timing is right and the stars and moon align, we'll launch your coaching program!

Masterminds and Group Coaching

If you thrive in group settings and love engaging with other people, you may want to try one of my powerful Mastermind or Group Coaching programs. There you can benefit from a warm, safe, and supportive environment that offers multiple perspectives, a variety of experience and expertise, and a whole team that rallies around you.

How do Masterminds and Group Coaching differ? A Mastermind focuses on peer-to-peer mentoring where 3-6 members meet regularly to exchange ideas, critique each other’s work, talk the finer points of strategy, and set and accomplish goals. Each person gets a set amount of time during each meeting to present a particular question or challenge (e.g., 2-3 minutes). Then everyone else peppers the person with questions and advice for the next 15-20 minutes. Leadership of the group can rotate from meeting to meeting. My role is to bring the group together, facilitate the conversation, and ensure the Mastermind runs smoothly.

Group Coaching offers many of the same features and benefits of a Mastermind. The primary difference is the role I play in the group. With Group Coaching, my responsibility is to lead each session and offer help and support if you would like to be coached that day. If you elect to “sit in the hot seat,” you can pose a question, present a challenge, or share a situation, and my job is to coach you through it. The beauty of Group Coaching is that when I’m coaching someone else, I’m coaching you, too. You also gain an opportunity to participate and learn from the perspectives of both the coach and your colleagues.

Whether you choose to participate in a Mastermind or Group Coaching, the camaraderie and relationships you create with your peers have the potential to last a lifetime.


For each of my coaching programs, it all begins with a single chat. Simply click on the “Book a Chat with Deb” button, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

A Special Gift to Launch Our Coaching Journey

Everyone who works with me receives a complimentary Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. This powerful tool measures the levels of energy you experience and the types of actions you take based on your attitudes about yourself and the world when things are going smoothly and when you’re under stress.

What would it be like for you to shift your energy at will no matter the circumstances? Your responses to the ELI allow us to share a common language, develop strategies to elevate your energy whenever you wish, and optimize your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness in your life and business. (Value: $400)

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